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Formaldehyde free, pre-catalyzed glyoxalic resin for easy-care finishes.

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SMART TEX is a zero formaldehyde self cross-linking resin indicated to give crease-resistant effects and dimensional stability on articles in cellulosic and mixed fibers.
The product allows to obtain good crease resistance with a high anti-crease effect both dry and wet for excellent "wash & wear" and "easy-care" effects.
It is able to meet the "zero free formaldehyde" requirements for baby clothing (under 2 years) by the regulations:

  • Japan Law 112-1973
  • Finnish Law SFS 4996/1986
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

The product can be used to improve the washing fastness of water-repellent finishes with products from the SOFTGARD series, on articles in cotton, viscose and blends.
It can be used on bleached articles as it does not react with the chlorine developed by hypochlorite-based bleaches and therefore does not cause yellowing with loss of mechanical strength of the fiber during the stretching phase.
To limit the development of particular odors on the treated articles, it is advisable to carry out the treatment in the presence of acetic acid and to cure in the oven with the maximum ventilation available.
It gives the fabric a pleasantly smooth appearance.
It does not affect the softness and tone of the treated articles; compared to the finishes carried out with low formaldehyde resins, it tends to influence the light fastness values of some reactive dyes, which may decrease depending on the dye, tone and shading depth.

Warning: All the statements, recommendations and technical details provided herein are based on our best knowledge and expertise that we consider reliable. As a consequence, they should be meant for reference purposes only and adapted to suit specific situations. They are not binding, including with a view to third-party manufacturing rights. It is the user's exclusive responsibility and duty to make their own investigations to determine the suitability of products to their actual conditions of use. Product application, use and processing therefore fall within the user's full responsibility.

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