Treatment of textile furnishings

We provide finishing chemical products for the ennobling treatment of textile furnishings and home textile fabrics.


The home furnishing sector is extremely complex and involves a wide range of textile furnishings having various different features and intended uses. The treatment of home furnishing fabrics requires highly specialized finishing chemical products. For this reason we at Soft Chemicals develop special textile auxiliary chemicals for mattress fabrics, bath linen, table linen and furniture upholstery.

Features of textile furnishings

The features of textile furnishings must perfectly match their requirements depending on their intended use.

The treatment of home furnishing fabrics requires specific textile auxiliaries. This is why Soft Chemicals develops finishing products for the textile ennobling of mattress fabrics, bath and table linen and furniture upholstery.

Fabric processing plays a key role in the manufacturing of furniture and home textiles. As a matter of fact, these products have very specific intended uses in the home and thus require finishing treatments which can provide the fabric with the required features depending on the intended use of the finished product.

For example, mattress fabrics must be flame retardant and ensure good hygiene. Bath linen must be soft and hydrophilic. Table linen must be water, oil and stain repellent

The key role of fabric treatment for these products requires market players to partner up with skilled and reliable suppliers that can provide spot-on solutions for the pretreatment and finishing of any kinds of fabric used in mattress, table linen and upholstered furniture manufacturing. To this regard, we firmly believe that our final results will meet all functional requirements and comply with the strictest quality standards.

Specific treatments for textile furnishings

Furnishing fabrics must have specific features depending on their intended use, and must therefore go through specific finishing treatment processes.

A few examples are anti-bacterial treatment for mattress fabric, hydrophilic treatment for bath linen and water-repellent, water-and-oil-repellent and stain-repellent finishing for table linen.

Below please find the main types of fabric finishing products for home furnishing fabrics:

  • Flame retardant
  • Anti-bacterial treatment products
  • Softeners, microemulsions and functional siloxanes
  • Waterproofing and water- and oil-repellent treatment products
  • Acrylic polymers and textile resins to increase fabric strength for improved durability.

Chemical products for textile furnishings

Find out more about our chemical products for textile finishing, for the treatment of textile furnishings and home textiles depending on their intended use.

Treatments for mattress fabrics

Soft Chemicals supplies a Flame Retardant product line (SOFLAM), essential to this type of fabric. These products were specially designed to fulfil the standards on fireproof treatment for fabric. Besides providing flame retardant features, mattress cover fabric may be treated with anti-bacterial products. These finishing treatments may also apply to mattress foam filling.

Treatmentsfor bath linen

Traditional bath towels or cozy bathrobes must feature a soft, fluffy terry finish with permanent hydrophilic properties. SOFTHYDRO softener products fully meet these requirements. These textile auxiliaries can withstand repeated home laundering and the use of special resins (SOFTFIN) helps maintain the original appearance of textiles unaltered over time, thus reducing the effects of wear and tear.

Treatments for table and kitchen linen

Table linen finishing must provide effective stain protection to the textile substrate by using fluorinated and fluorine-free waterproofing products (SOFTGARD line), or facilitate stain removal during washing (SOFTFIN WET soil release treatment). Besides featuring the above-mentioned properties, table linen must also withstand strain caused by repeated washing. Hence, textile resins applied by coating (SOFTBIND line) create a protective polymer film with excellent strength and elasticity properties that improve product durability.

Treatements for furniture upholstery fabrics

The fabrics used for manufacturing upholstered furnishings (sofas, armchairs, cushions etc.) require various treatments involving a wide range of finishing products. The most popular treatments include fluorine-based and fluorine-free waterproofing products for water and stain repellent treatment (SOFTGARD line) and flame retardant products (SOFLAM line), to be applied by either impregnation or foam or classic coating. Further essential features of upholstery fabrics are abrasion resistance and anti-pilling property. To this purpose, we supply finishing resins (SOFTFIN e SOFTBIND lines) which can provide fabric with a high resistance level. Finally, besides al the above-mentioned treatments, anti-bacterial treatment is also worth mentioning, which improves product hygiene and healthiness.

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