Respecting the environment. Improving your business.

We have been developing chemical products and auxiliaries since 1999, with special focus on the textile industry and related products, in full compliance with environmental quality and human health standards.

We design effective solutions to meet any customer or market application requirements.

We invest in R&D to find cutting-edge eco-friendly chemicals.


Our name, our concept

We have been operating in the textile chemical market since 1999, developing our soft chemical concept – a fully effective approach to meet market requirements while focusing on environmental and health protection.

Soft Chemicals specializes in textile auxiliaries and offers chemical solutions for fabric treatment for various applications, developing special skills in the treatment of textile fibres clothing, interior, exterior design and blackout curtains.


A full range of highly biodegradable auxiliaries for the pretreatment of all fibres and support to the relevant processing.


Specific products to ensure build-up, levelling and fixing properties of dyestuffs.


A wide range of products suitable to all applications, specially developed to meet the highest performance, fastness and fashion requirements.


High-performance dedicated products, developed from low-foaming highly-biodegradable active ingredients, which can excellently preserve the quality of laundry items also after several washes.