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Aziridine based cross-linking agent for low temperature curing. Application by padding or coating.

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SOFTNET PX is recommended in water-based resin compounds to increase the fastness to water, alcohol, detergents and rubbing of the applied film.
The product cross-links even at room temperature and can therefore be used in air-drying conditions; for these applications a complete crosslinking occours within 24 - 48 hours.
The product improves the adhesion of resins on non-polar substrates and promotes / accelerates the polymerization process.
It can be used as a crosslinking agent in combination with SOFTGARD fluorocarbon resins to compensate for insufficient crosslinking conditions due to processing plants or treated articles (eg polypropylene articles).
The product must be added to the formulation as the last component, just before use; in fact, once added, the workability of the formulation is possible for a few hours, after which the progressive hydrolysis of SOFTNET PX determines a loss of properties of the system.

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