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Semi-permanent flame retardant agent based on a nitrogen phosphorus polymer in aqueous dispersion.

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SOFLAM SP-70 is a flame retardant agent suitable for treating cellulosic articles for furniture by impregnation.

The product allows most of the items treated to meet the fire-retardant regulation:

BS 5852 - Part 1 match and cigarette test after soaking BS 5651.

as well as some similar regulations (such as UNI 9175 - ex CSE RF 4/83).

Exceeding the individual fire-retardant regulations cannot ignore the suitability of the supports which must always be subjected to preliminary checks: the composition, weight and structure of the articles are important factors for the success of the treatment.

The product has a low tendency to yellowing at high temperatures and can be used on items intended for high temperature lamination.

SOFLAM SP-70 does not significantly influence the hand or the shade of the treated articles. On very light goods or with items with low resistance values, we recommend carrying out preliminary application checks in order to evaluate the possible loss in mechanical properties or the feasibility of the treatment.

The product has no corrosion action toward the mechanical parts of the application and dosing devices.

The articles treated with SOFLAM SP-70 can be calendered.

Warning: All the statements, recommendations and technical details provided herein are based on our best knowledge and expertise that we consider reliable. As a consequence, they should be meant for reference purposes only and adapted to suit specific situations. They are not binding, including with a view to third-party manufacturing rights. It is the user's exclusive responsibility and duty to make their own investigations to determine the suitability of products to their actual conditions of use. Product application, use and processing therefore fall within the user's full responsibility.

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