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Non-permanent flame retardant based on an organic phosphorus and nitrogen compound for cellulosic and cellulosic/polyester blends.

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SOFLAM VLS is a flame retardant agent suitable for treating articles in cellulose and blends by padding processes.
SOFLAM VLS, in the combustion phase, is able to contain the rise in temperature of the material itself, generating a carbonized layer that acts as an additional barrier to the propagation of the flame.
The product cannot be used to carry out fire retardant treatments solid to washing; it allows instead to get flame retardant effects with good fastness to dry cleaning.
The product allows most of the items treated to meet the main flame retardant standards, among which we highlight the following:

UNI EN 597-2
BS 6807 - Section 4


Exceeding the individual fire-retardant regulations cannot ignore the suitability of the substrates, which must always be subjected to preliminary checks: the composition, weight and structure of the articles are in fact key factors for the success of the treatment.
SOFLAM VLS does not significantly affects the hand and shades of the treated articles.
The product has no corrosion action against the mechanical parts of the application and dosing devices.
Items treated with SOFLAM VLS can be calendered.

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