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Concentrated silicone microemulsion for extremely soft, surface smooth and full handle; suitable for exhaustion and pad-dry applications.

Ionic Charge

Non Ionic - Weakly Cationic

SOFTELAST T3CE is a silicone microemulsion that can be used by exhaustion or padding on all types of fibers
Thanks to the particular dimensions of the molecules, the product can penetrate inside the fibers, enhancing the slipperiness and softness of the treated articles; gives a sagging but elastic effect, and improves sewability.
The product can be used in devices with high turbulence as the mechanical stability of the microemulsion is particularly high.
SOFTELAST T3CE, despite being weakly cationic, can be used with most of the finishing products, even with anionic ones; for the latter, however, we recommend carrying out the necessary preliminary checks.

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