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Range of special compounds ready-to-use with controlled burning properties. Special grip effects and soft handle with excellent adhesion and good mechanical resistance. Suitable for coating or printing applications.

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SOFTSKID SK-FR and SK ULTRA-FR are ready-to-use products designed for printing and coating applications suitable to impair a rubbing-swelling effect with excellent bonding performance and resistance to repeated domestic washings.
The products are free from formaldehyde and formulated with medium o high quantity of expanding agent which allows to obtain a high or maximum level of expansion.
They give a soft, tenacious and elastic touch thanks to a balanced mixture of acrylic copolymers used in the formulations.
The products, applied on fireproof articles, do not affect the flame reaction characteristics of the material.
It is possible to increase the already excellent fastness to washing by adding about 10 - 30 g/kg of SOFTNET PLUS-L.
To obtain maximum effects, we recommend carefully checking the level of preparation of the substrate before application; in particular, the article must have good hydrophilicity and therefore not contain residues of sizes, waxes, hydrophobic substances (softeners) or anti-adherent substances (silicones).

Warning: All the statements, recommendations and technical details provided herein are based on our best knowledge and expertise that we consider reliable. As a consequence, they should be meant for reference purposes only and adapted to suit specific situations. They are not binding, including with a view to third-party manufacturing rights. It is the user's exclusive responsibility and duty to make their own investigations to determine the suitability of products to their actual conditions of use. Product application, use and processing therefore fall within the user's full responsibility.

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