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Microencapsulated fragrance with the essence of clean linen.

Ionic Charge

Non Ionic - Anionic

FRAGRANZA MICRO is a line of products with a wide range of selected active ingredients suitable for applying fragrances, active ingredients for cosmetics and for psycho-physical well-being on any type of article or fiber.
During use, the microcapsules release their active principle very gradually by mechanical stress, generated by simple rubbing of the treated garments.
Thanks to the micro-encapsulation principle, the products are resistant to maintenance and allow the treated articles to be dried at high temperatures without loss of the active ingredient.
The products of the FRAGRANZA MICRO line do not change the characteristics, the hand or the appearance of the substrate, they are in liquid form and can be used in common finishing processes.
Depending on the type of finish to be obtained, their use is recommended in combination with softeners from the SOFTENER, SOFTELAST or SOFTHYDRO range but also with water-repellent resins from the SOFTGARD range.

Warning: All the statements, recommendations and technical details provided herein are based on our best knowledge and expertise that we consider reliable. As a consequence, they should be meant for reference purposes only and adapted to suit specific situations. They are not binding, including with a view to third-party manufacturing rights. It is the user's exclusive responsibility and duty to make their own investigations to determine the suitability of products to their actual conditions of use. Product application, use and processing therefore fall within the user's full responsibility.

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