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High viscosity adhesive for paper converting.

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Non Ionic - Anionic

SOFTGLUE FO-L HV is a viscouse adhesive for paper converting designed for gluing absorbent substrates with sheets of plastic materials, with particular reference to the following sectors: automatic packaging, packaging, book binding, automatic coupling of paper and cardboard with plastic sheets, metallized papers, etc.
SOFTGLUE FO-L HV can also be used for the finishing of wood and its substitutes with sheets of plastic materials and / or melamine papers.
The product has a pseudoplastic rheological behavior which makes it particularly suitable for use on fast application machines.
It can be modified by adding plasticizers (dibutyl phthalate) or coalescents (diethylene glycol, monobutyl ether, acetate); the appropriate addition of these ingredients leads to an increase in the viscosity of the emulsion and improves the cold sealing characteristics of the bonds without excessively worsening the resistance to heat and the creep.
SOFTGLUE FO-L HV can be advantageously added with mineral fillers such as for example calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate dihydrate, without excessive loss of performance.
Due to its high setting speed it can be used both in normal paper bonding and with plastic sheets and painted paper, even on fast machines; this feature is also appreciated in the wood finishing sector.
SOFTGLUE FO-L HV, with appropriate formulation changes that include the addition of solvents, plasticizers or resins of various kinds, allows to obtain good and excellent gluing on a wide range of plastic materials.

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