• ZDHC: List of products loaded on the GATEWAY - level 1

    SOFT CHEMICALS makes available the updated list of products loaded on the ZDHC GATEWAY (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) at Level 1. New products are being approved: the list will therefore be updated as soon as authorization is obtained. Do... read more

  • GOTS - Version 6.0 - 2020. List of certified products

    SOFT CHEMICALS has received from ICEA (Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certification) the updated list of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved products - Version 6.0 - 2020. Download the document read more

  • BI-OME tested against SARS-COV-2 after intense washings

    PRESS RELEASE RONSE, BELGIUM – Devan today announces new test results confirming the high performance virus-reducing capabilities of its BI-OME fabric coating technology on both unwashed and intensely washed fabrics. According to independent... read more

  • REACT: Recycling of Waste Acrylic Textiles

    A new life for outdoor acrylic fibre wastes Soft Chemicals is proud to be actively involved, together with other partners,in the European project - REACT: Recycling of Waste Acrylic Textiles. The aim of the project is the recycling of acrylic fibe... read more

  • #COVID-19: Antibacterial and water repellent treatments for masks

    SOFT CHEMICALS, in collaboration with several customers, is promoting finishing treatments on textile articles for the production of effective and certified protective masks according to current standards, required by the COVID-19 emergency. Most ... read more

  • New Soft Chemicals website

    We are happy to inform about new version of our website online starting from 11 May 2020. Wide range of categories have been uploaded: PRETREATMENT, DYEING, FINISHING and LAUNDERINGS. A specific section is reserved to the most technical applicatio... read more

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