#COVID-19: Antibacterial and water repellent treatments for masks

SOFT CHEMICALS, in collaboration with several customers, is promoting finishing treatments on textile articles for the production of effective and certified protective masks according to current standards, required by the COVID-19 emergency. Most of treated articles have passed cytotoxicity tests and have also been used for the production of medical masks. The main products used today belong to the SOFTGARD range - fluorocarbon or Fluoro Free resins: the treated articles are water repellent and form the first protective layer, generally placed outside the masks. For the internal layer, the BI-OME AM system is generally used, an antibacterial treatment with non-migrant technology produced by Devan and supplied in Italy by Soft Chemicals: the product does not have antiviral characteristics but is recommended to reduce the risks of secondary contamination and the development of unpleasant odors. BI-OME system is possible to be carried out in combine with SOFTGARD technology and can be performed in one or two phases depending on the article.

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